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I had my ileostomy exactly 15 years ago although I was terrified at the time it has given me 15 years of relatively good health, getting used to a bag was not pleasant but the alternative was worse, I still get leaks from the bag but I am determined to carry on life as usual, I am now going on 72 years of age. I had a wonderful surgeon and this made all the difference.

I will correspond with anyone who cares to blog me, if I can be of help to someone who is struggling to come to terms with a bag I will be happy to do so.

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Hi kate,

Im glad you are managing to get on with life as usual. I have had my Stoma for 4 yrs now. & like you occasionally have problems with leaks. Have you tried a convex bag? Took me ages to find a suitable product, but the pelikan convex I use along with a coheisve slim works great for preventing leaks. The convex I use is soft (unlike any other ive found) so therefore quote comfortable. Just thought i share my experience with you since you took the time to share your experiance too xx

PS. What do you use when you skin get sore? I've recently been prescribed a mild steroid tape which i stick to sore areas. Its great. Wish id found it sooner.


Hi. I've had my colostomy for 54 years now. Even after all this time I still get problems with leakages. I have just seen a tape to go around the edge that always leaks and have sent for a sample to try. I;ll let you know how I get on with it as it may well help with your leakages


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