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How long is a normal wait for NVT results

Hi all - I have another query connected to a NVT. My test was over 70 days ago and I have heard nothing from the hospital where the test was conducted. however for a different reason I was seeing my GP end of last week, who ksaid she had a letter from the hospital, which indicated that the NVT was normal. even thou it is normal I am showing some of the signs of CMT, so my question is - Is it still possible to have a type of CMT with a normal (?) NVT test, and where do I go from here. Thanks for the response, this is now starting to play on my mind.

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Hello Mike....

Your recent NERVE VELOCITY test is part of a series of tests to determine if you have CMT.:

It is an INHERITED disorder of the neurological peripheral nervous system. It has no predilection for a particular race or sex. The condition causes deterioration of the peripheral (near to the surface) nerves controlling the sensory information, and muscle functions in the hands, forearms, lower legs, and feet. It lead’s to foot problems such as high arches (pes cavus), and foot drop, weakness, and fatigue, also problems with balance and hand function, the loss of fine figure dexterity, including the loss of normal reflexes: Balance issues are also an ongoing problem:

A demyelinating disease is any disease of the nervous system in which the myelin sheath of neurons is damaged. This impairs the conduction of signals in the affected nerves, causing impairment in sensation, movement, cognition, or other functions depending on which nerves are involved.

The brain transmits electrical impulses to our muscles via sensory axon/nerves (information) feelings back to brain), and also the motor nerves (command pathways to muscles), which are both wrapped around in myelin sheathing which provides the insulation to the nerves: The peripheral nerves are likened to electrical cables, with the axon wrapped in a substance called myelin. If the myelin is damaged and “leaks”, then the nerves impulses will be conducted at slower velocity than is usual: In CMT, the myelin sheathing is defective and “leaks” therefore the velocity, or strength of the electrical impulses’s, or signals is significantly reduced at the receiving muscle:

Normal velocity / signal strength is 60/70 ft per second:

C.M.T.reduced velocity / signal strength is 30/35 ft per second:

Therefore over a long period of time the muscles will waste, due to the lack of electrical stimulation, from the motor (command) nerves, and the sensory (information) nerves, that convey signals back to the brain:

You must return to the doctor who referred you for you NERVE VELOCITY(speed) TEST

to obtain the results !

Best of luck to you ! ! !


My results were missing for two years and in the end the doctor said oh, you have CMT one and there is no cure.all we can do is try to keep you out of a wheelchair for as long as possible and he discharged me which wasn't very helpful.I think perhaps you should ask your GP to hope you have better luck than me.get on to it for you.


Hi Mike

There is also a blood test which will determine if you have CMT. I had the results of the blood test from my neurologist before I had the nerve conduction test. Once my neurologist had all my results he then saw me in his clinic to discuss the findings.

Hope this helps?



The test you mention may be for creatine kinase, an enzyme produced by muscle break-down. I also had such a test conducted before the neurological tests. High levels of CK can indicate the presence of a muscle wasting disease such as CMT. This enzyme can also be an indicator of various other muscle degenerating conditions, include muscular dystrophy and even heart attacks.


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