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Mums PIP decreased even though she was signed as indefinitely through DLA having to go through appeal has anyone had this and won

My mum's had he PIP decreased and we are having to appeal has anyone done this who has CMTD and won. It's put my mum through terrible stress and having to prove she's disabled is a joke the assessment was a complete shambles win the assessor saying at the beginning he already knew what she was going to say and skimmed through the questions please can anyone give any advice please thank u xxxxx

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You will firstly need to ask for a mandatory reconsideration and then if that fails go to appeal. If you have anymore evidence to support your mum's medical history then that helps . I used Fightback for Justice to deal with my PIP claim and they were brilliant but they do charge a small fee for helping you fill in the forms. They do have their own website Fightback4Justice


I am awaiting a tribunal, does anyone know how it works? Do i have to give evidence.? Scared stiff, do i have to prove that i am physically unsteady need to wear AFO's on both legs,some days fine some not so?I went to my assessment and was too honest, maybe i should of stretched the truth. Now l am genuinely shaking and scared. l know i dont have to attend, but will that look bad. Itsv only 20 miles away. Please help.


Hi yes i had a mobility car for one year ,then last year was told my DLA was being cut so had to return car!! when in fact all they did was lower the mobility component and raise the care component so was in fact getting the same amount.Then had to see the assesor when it changed to pip and like your mum having to prove its a dissability was a joke and was very stressful. please dont give up keep pushing.xx


Well dont give up! Ive got CMT and has got worse was on high DLA for 10 years and now pip say im well enough and get nothing.awaiting my tribunal and very angry how they have the right to tell you your disability isnt bad enough to qualify so now they want my car back. Disabled with no car its a joke.good luck


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