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CMT encourages lateral thinking?

Tea in the Garden.

I have a wonderful deep-sided tray with a convenient handle over the top. This enables me to carry three mugs of tea, spoons, saucers and a milk jug, with a plate of cakes balanced on top - into the garden safely and without spillage. It only needs one hand, the other being occupied with a crutch.

Everyone who sees it says "What a splendid idea !"

This incredibly useful and extremely versatile gadget is inexpensive and widely available in your nearest hardware store or supermarket; it is more commonly known as - a bucket.

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Well...there you go...I have long held that what natures takes from one department she compensates for in another...your hands and legs may not function too well, but clearly, your brain is in fine condition.


like it


Hello to Amanita .....

Nice one !

However, here in the West of Scotland, anybody

whos say's,

"I am going out for a bucket",

really means, that this person is going out for

for an evening of 'heavy-drinking-boozing' session! ! !

Other local sayings include >>>>

I am going out tonight for, a "right-good-bevy" :

I am going out tonight, for a "right-good-swally" :

Best of health....

John (Glasgow).....


You can now fully understand why, that sometimes

Cmt suffers, take a "wee-refreshment" to take their

minds off this most frustrating of neurological disease's ?


I recently discovered you can get a nice square version of this very useful tray, accommodating even more mugs of tea. Problem is, it is more expensive and for some bizarre reason comes with a mop - which you then have to throw away.


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