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CMT Osteotomies - advice please

CMT Osteotomies - advice please

Hi, I have had all the usual soft tissue ops such as tendon transfers/lengthening, ligament reconstructions, toes straightened etc etc. my question is has anyone had a first metatarsal osteotomy combined with a calcaneal osteotomy? My doc has recommended this as the next step but want some experienced CMTers advice before I decide. Thank you all in advance :) here is also a pic of my pretty foot! Lol

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totally up to you - I had this op to "straighten" one of my feet. Although it enabled me to prolong my limited walking ability, its not something I would consider for my other foot. At 37 years old (when I had this done), I found the recovery long, painful and at the end somewhat worthwhile. If you are young - consider it, because orthopaedics are even better advanced today than in the 90's. Surely the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

Good luck.


Dear Hazel,

I had a metatarsal osteotomy in 2008 . It was the only part of that surgery that could be considered a success and has been no trouble since. I hope you gat a good result,

Best wishes,



If you go ahead I would be very interested in your experience. I am also considering the pros and cons.


Hello to Hazel 1981......

I was most 'puzzled' when I read your previous long history of orthopaedic operations, and procedures ?

You appear to have had no success with all of your previous operations/procedures, which included, 'Soft Tissue' procedures, such as 'Tendon-Transfers/Lengthening', and also 'Ligament-Reconstruction', plus your 'Toes-Straightened', etc etc:

My question is, when you agreed to each and all of these individual operations, and medical procedures, were you expecting that after "each-op" would be successful, and it also be your last ?

Or were you advised before your first operation, that it would be only be the first in a long 'series' of corrective surgery procedures ?

Did your orthopaedic surgeon make you aware that any "invasive-surgery" is a 'trade-off' ?

Yes, "whilst you may gain something, however, you may also lose something" !

Always remember that, no matter what surgical procedure you decide to undertake, your existing and, 'remaining muscles will ever so slowly still continue to "waste-away":

This is due entirely to your remaining "inherited", and damaged peripheral 'long' nerves called (sensory & motor), not sending strong, and 'fast-enough' "wave-signals", which are also greatly reduced in their speed (velocity) and, strengh of transmission signals, going "to and from" your brain to your bodies 'muscle-groups', and extremities (feet-legs-hands) :

Your Myelin Sheathing which wraps around these nerves, and is intended to insulate, and contain your brains signals is defective, and it "leaks", therefore the actual signal being received at a muscle group is much reduced in quality, and strength :

Lack of a strong signal not being received a muscle, will over a long period of time, cause that muscle group to "waste-away" !

Best of luck.....

John (Glasgow).....


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