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Cloudy with a Chance of Pain
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Pain 24/7

Hi I'm new on here I have fibromilga and costchondiritis also arthritis in my knees in struggle on a Dailey basis with everything I'm on 60mg of zomorph in the mornings and 30mg at night alongside 50mg of amatripline also take liquid morphine during the day as the pain is so bad at times I've also other health problems but these are my worst feel like I've tried everything and nothing seems to help me and hate been on morphine period has anyone any advice on what has worked for them I'm in Northumberland and tried everything from heat packs yoga music everything xx

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Hello Mandy.

I truly sympathise. I have knee arthritis, back spasms and general overall stiffness and discomfort so only have a glimmering of what you are going through.

Like you I have tried everything but what keeps me going is exercise, Pilates and yet more exercise. I try and spread these through the day so that I don't stiffen up too much at any time. This stops the back spasms and keeping the muscles stronger does make an overall difference. I tell myself that any pain and stiffness is because I've done a workout.

Motivation can be a hard but what keeps me going is the fear of how I will feel if I don't do them. I've found that if I stop exercising I have a few days feeling great, if I continue not to exercise everything comes back with a vengeance and then it takes weeks to get back to condition.

Recently I've found walking using a pair of Nordic or trekking poles has made a big difference to my enjoyment of getting out and about. They help push you upright into a better walking position and strengthen your upper body while taking the pressure off your legs, and giving stability too.

You must be so much more limited than me in what you can do, but even minimal exercise movements while sitting watching tv or in a car, can help build muscle to support your joints.

I do hope your condition improves with time. What part of Northumberland? I was brought up in Tynemouth and am now in Yorkshire. Both lovely counties but I maintain Northumberland has the edge.



Wow tynemouth I was bought up there in a little cottage beside the sea my dad use to be the gardener for the cottage and surrounding area but I love in Pegswood at the moment I do do exercise during the day I don't let this beat me as very independent person but no matter how much or how little I do pain is still very intense xxx


You sound a very positive person πŸ€— but you have an awful burden to bear. I do hope they find something better for you very soon with all the research that is going on.

I lived in a top flat in the middle of Percy Gardens till 1965. Idyllic.

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