Cloudy with a Chance of Pain

graphs on tablet/computer

hiya, i'm still getting to grip with the app and need a bit more help please.

On "my report" "symptoms & weather data report" on the app there's a graph that shows "pressure vs pain severity".

is there any way i can see that enlarged on a tablet/desk top?

i've found the graph with my responses on Health Unlocked but it doesn't compare with weather.

help you clever bunnies out there please. jeni

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Hi jeni9 ,

If you sign in to the Cloudy website from your computer or tablet and click on the 'Explore the Data' tab you can see all of your graphs on a much larger screen.

I hope that, that's helpful!



hi admin. it gives my graph breakdown of symptoms but i can't see how to relate that to weather/air pressure. am i missing something please.


Hi jeni9 , I will contact the app gurus at uMotif for you and get back in contact asap.

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Hi jeni9 , my apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

If you have tracked every day for the last 7 days you should be able to view your data, with the weather, on the website within 'Citizen Science'.

Thank you for you patience and I hope that, that helps.

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thanks. it seems that the weather comparison is only available on the app on a phone. it's a shame as that's the whole point of the project and it's too small to read..


Hi jeni9 , have you been tracking everyday for the last 7 days? if so, you should be able to view your own weather and pain data within Citizen Science on the website.


doesn't show the weather/pain graph just the aggregate of symptoms over the week.. the only way to see the weather/pain graph is on the app on a phone


a very helpful response from uMotif

uMotif Customer Service Agent (uMotif)

24 Aug, 4:23 pm BST


Thanks for checking out the site.

You're right that some of the data visualisations are only available through the app.

So the comparison graphs between the weather and your symptoms are available in the app. If you go to the My Data module you'll be able to see some pre-set graphs.

We're working on a new way to visualise your data via a spreadsheet, which we'll have available in the next few months.



Team uMotif

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Hi jeni9, thanks for posting uMotif's response. Also useful for me!

We'll keep everyone updated through the newsletter as new updates become available.

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