Cloudy with a Chance of Pain
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Press on regardless

Hello all. Not been on for a while very busy with life. The heading is a pun on Policy, Organisation and Rules for the Scout Assn. The weather has caused me a lot of pain recently with unexplained flare ups. I volunteer at a campsite and there has been a lot of jobs needing doing recently and despite me trying to pace myself, I've probably overdone it again!! Unfortunately, I never know I've overdone it till I have!!

I'm managing the pain and discomfort with the odd pain killer and excercise but I do struggle on those "grey days" Arthritis non carborundum, Instare in, cujuscumque

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I understand the feelings. I'm back at a new term at uni - lots to do to prepare for stufents, changes to uni structure, late nights and early mornings. Seem to have been managing well then wham! Sudden dip - exhausted! Knee pain back as I clock up lots of 'steps' around the campus. Interestingly 3 students have divulged they have fibromyalgia - is it on the increase I wonder ...


Hi Jeannebz

8pm last night the worst flare up I can remember. I could not get comfortable

so went to bed. 11 hrs fitfull sleep feel a bit better.


I am not sure it's on the increase, I think they are just realising that people have it and are therefore more willing to diagnose it. The problem is I think the symptoms are so varied that it needs to be explored properly so that they can realise a better way of treating it or at least helping people manage it better so they can live their lives better and more productively.


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