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2 unhealthy discs & Nefopam

Hi anyone 🙋🏼

After lifting an iron gate and causing my back to go an X-ray at hospital showed I have 1disc compressed and 1 disc bulging . Agony ! I was given Nefopam Hydrochloride 30mg which for first week I thought where no good at easing my pain until I further read on my prescription I could take 2 every 8hrs instead of the 1i had been taking Amazing ! relief was great so I continued taking them for nearly 4 weeks as my pain eased .

I stopped taking the tablets as the moderate pain was bearable getting out of bed however I have noticed how my feelings have gone back to how I was before I hurt my back. Low mood fuzzy head no energy aches and pains which had been diagnosed over 4yrs gone as fibromyalgia which I have managed through not having any animals or their by-products in my diet . So I'm wondering has anyone else used these tablets and felt full of energy at 5/6 in the morning clear headed and ready for anything ( if my back had been ok ) I didn't realise I felt like this until I stopped taking them if that makes sense.

My hip bones hurt more than my lower back now I find this strange dr didn't have an answer for this and yes I do exercise to keep core muscles supporting my back and organs 🤔