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CLL Support Association Membership

CLL Support Association Membership

It was recently brought to our attention that a few community members may believe they have already become members of the CLLSA when joining us here in the on-line community. If you wish to attend regional meetings, be included on the mailing list and be forwarded a patient information pack, regular newsletters and news of forthcoming CLLSA events you must register with the CLLSA.

Registration is free and we welcome you all. You can do this by emailing Sarah at: Or On-line at:


CLLSA will not under any circumstances publish your details or share them with any other party. Whilst we welcome everyone to our mailing list please note that CLL Support Association patient packs will only be forwarded by post within the UK.

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Have you got me down as a member now?


For CLLSA membership queries please contact:

on-line registration:


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