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ASH 2012 Interview with Dr. Kipps and news of the suspension of the ABT-199 trials due to tumor lysis syndrome


I have posted the first of a four part interview with Dr. Tom Kipps from ASH 2012 on my blog ( ) where her discusses Bcl-2 and ABT-199. I follow that up with the news and my take on the suspended trials due to two deaths from tumor lysis syndrome.

Doing these trials right is critical. Not following each and every tedious slow step in the development process is a good way to kill a great drug and maybe put some patients at risk on the way.

Stay strong. We are all in this together


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Thank you for posting this important news, several were inquiring about the recent ABT-199 suspension.

My thoughts are with the brave pioneers who tragically lost their life and to their families. also to the clinical researchers who lost patients.

I found the Pharma Strategy Blog by the English biochemist Sally Church very interesting.

On February 18th a commentary

Tumor lysis syndrome, what is it and why is it so important in cancer research


Hi Every time we make a new discovery we find that there is yet still more we need to know.Best regards.


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