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Common Infectious Agents and Monoclonal B-Cell Lymphocytosis: Pre CLL

'These findings suggest that exposure to infectious agents leading to serious clinical manifestations in the patient or its surroundings may trigger immune events leading to MBL.

This exploratory study provides initial insights and directions for future research related to MBL, a potential precursor of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia. Further work is warranted to confirm these findings.'

Full paper..

More on MBL




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Interesting research Chris, and I have always been of the opinion that MBL and CLL can be caused by the disruptions to one’s health from an infection or inflammation.

For myself it certainly was not respiratory or pneumonia or meningitis, but could have been, as they write, ‘ exposure to infectious agents leading to serious clinical manifestations’ triggering an immune event leading to MBL.

Presently we just do not know, but hopefully more research will be successful, though equally I am not interested in a life living in a plastic bubble.! There really is no life without any risk.!


Ceratainly, my vote is for mononucleous, either EBV or CMV versions....probably in our teenage years...

EBV causes Burkitt's lymphoma, and is likely has major implications in Richter's, but no link has been found in CLL. YET....

I have read papers that genetic damage may occur in the first years of life we carry the MBL/CLL time bomb with us...

MBL with CLL genetic markers is firly common in the general population and ALL CLL/SLL had MBL, but not all MBL will develop CLL...we are just the chosen few.. ;-)

Other theories, suggest some CLL occurs from a single catastrophic event, from gamma

radiation that basically sandblasts our DNA...causing huge epigenetic disfunction.

Then there are we age they get shorter...basically junk DNA on the ends of chromosomes..with an important purpose... they prevent DNA write errors...

So, who knows...could be any of these or more likely all of them... CLL is proving

to be very a individualistic cancer.


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