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Antibody testing post vaccine

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I’d be interested to know if any CLL patients out there who have had both doses of the Covid vaccine have been tested for antibodies, and curious as to what the results were.

I’ve said for weeks that once I’m two weeks out following my second dose, I’d be tested, after reading the efficacy may not be as great as in non-CLL patients. It’s a simple blood test and not too costly, given at a local pharmacy.

Now that I’m past 3 weeks post-vaccine, I’m just not sure I want to know! If the antibodies are not significant, I’m afraid I’ll have to revert to pre-vaccine behavior, which I’d hate, having experienced a small sense of normalcy again!

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I am getting it this week.

There is another post that explains even if we don't get good results, we may still have protection. 🙏

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Hi Survivor1951,

I think most of us would like to know how well we've responded to the Covid vaccinations, but sadly I don't think there's a simple way to do that. You have to make sure you have exactly the right test, and even then, the immune system is very complicated - it involves much more than antibody counts.

As GMa27 has just said, even if the tests don't show antibodies, we may still get protection other ways.

Even with reasonable antibody levels, I wouldn't be certain I was completely immune from Covid. The present vaccines may not be as effective against new strains that keep appearing. Probably a good idea to keep up some of our pre-vaccine caution for a while, even after we've had both jabs. :-( I'll relax a bit more when vaccinations have been done much more widely in the whole community, and Covid cases are much rarer.

However, as immune-compromised people we will always be more vulnerable to whatever bugs are going round, so some degree of caution will always be advisable.


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Survivor1951 in reply to PaulaS

Much appreciated! Yes, although I’m feeling a greater degree of freedom, it’s important to remain cautious...masks are still in order as well as social distancing.

From what I am reading. Its the Tcell response thats going to be the most durable. There was a study that just came out a couple days ago. Google ...Tcell response to covid vaccine.

There is quite a bit of current info out there.

Its a spike protein antibody test. But TCell crime fighters dont show up on an antibody test. So, Tcell response may be our savior here for those of us with a shortage of healthy Bcells.

Think I got that right, if not some others can chime in and correct me...:)

I had heard of the durability of the Tcell response months ago. Its a great google search.

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