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Shingrix vaccine

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I had the Shingrix vaccine on Sunday and I have had every side effect fever, rash, flu like symptoms, fatigue, and low blood pressure. Has anyone else have these side effects? And if so how long did they last for you?

Thank you!


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Hi Smac29,

Thank you for posting. Unfortunately I cannot answer you question but I'm very interested in the replies. I decided to 'bite the bullet' and pay and I get 1st shot tomorrow. How long did your symptoms last? Hope you are better now

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Smac29 in reply to AutumnJ

Hi AutumnJ,

I have had CLL for 6 years untreated and have had shingles twice so far milder cases but still painful. The two days after the shot I had low grade fever, and flu like symptoms with fatigue and dizziness. I still had an appetite but felt fatigued. The 3rd day I was better but felt dizzy. Had appointment that day and my blood pressure was low. On the 4th day I got out and did some running around but still felt not 100%. I did notice a rash but I’m sure it has been there all along. My brother, and dad without CLL had it and felt under the weather for 3 days. Ibuprofen helped. Good luck with your shot. I’ve heard some people don’t have any symptoms. I would get it on a Friday so you have the weekend to recoup if you do get symptoms.

Hi Sheryl,

Many thanks for posting, and well done for getting the Shingrix.

I'd take it as a good sign that you have got a reaction, but do hope it calms down in a few more days. In the meantime I would take it easy while the immune system does its stuff.

Do you have the 2nd appointment booked yet? (Did they discuss that)

Wishing you well,


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Smac29 in reply to Ernest2

Hi Ernest,

I have been taking it easy but not getting anything done around here. Lol I have my second apt in my calendar for three months. I had the shot done at a pharmacy and she didn’t say anything much about the second shot.

Have a great weekend!


Hi Sheryl!

I had the first one about 3 weeks ago. I had a very sore arm and very tired for about 3 days and that was it. The side effects you are having can happen with the shot to those with or without CLL. If they last more than 3 or 4 days, you should call your doctor and let them know. Hopefully, they have subsided by now. I'm scheduled for my second shot in about 4 months, right after my next hematologist appointment.

My husband, who has CLL, and I had identical reactions - fever, body aches, sore and red injection site for 3 days. The second injection produced the same side effects. Not very nice, but short lived and so much better than getting the dreaded shingles.

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caven in reply to Lemondrop1

Lemondrop1 (a luvverly name):

It's actually a good sign that your CLL-spouse had the relative minor effects of "fever, body aches, sore and red injection site." That's because the reactions are signs that he (and you) have bodies that 'recognized' the Shingrix product and you have both begun to create the antibodies that you both want flooding your bodies.

Congratulations on getting these manageable side-effects. If you had not had any side effects (or if you had the side-effects but he did not, or vice versa) then that'd signal a far less satisfactory outcome.


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Lemondrop1 in reply to caven

Yes, we were very pleased that we both had the same reaction. A good sign that it was working for him as well as me.

I had very similar reactions as the above members reported. I never had a rash or low BP though.

Good for you to be proactive. Shingles can be lethal as we learned from our member Lola or by her real name Theresa.


I have had the Shingles and my husband and I both had very severe reaction to the first shot but neither one of us had a reaction. On the second. But I am here to tell you that as bad as my reaction was to the first shot it paled in comparison to the three years I dealt with the Shingles. I have had CLL for going on 31+ years. During those three years I really thought that dying might have been easier.

Panz 🙏☘️💕😍💗🌞

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Smac29 in reply to Panz

Hi Panz,

That sounds terrible about your experience with Shingles! They are definitely not good to get! I’ve had them twice and mine have been somewhat mild but still very painful. I have been telling all my 50 something aged family and friends to get the shot. Have you had them since you had the vaccine?

I hope you are doing well! Have a great weekend!


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Panz in reply to Smac29

No, have not had Shingles since I have had the Shingrix vaccine. I had seen my Mom deal with Shingles many times and so when the original live vaccine became available I took a huge chance and got that live vaccine. Ten years later I got the Shingles. I had them for 3 years and the nerve damage I still have off and on. So when the new vaccine became available I jumped on it!

You say you have had Shingles twice.....was this before or after you had Shingrix assuming you have had Shingrix.

Panz 🙏☘️💕😍💗🌞

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Smac29 in reply to Panz

Hi Panz,

I got shingles when I was first diagnosed with CLL and then I had them again last October. So this is my first time having any shingles(Shingrix) vaccine. So hoping I won’t get them again.


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Panz in reply to Smac29

Here’s hoping for the both of us!!! Panz

I had a reaction only to the second shot and it lasted about three days. It felt like the flu.

After the first Shingrix shot i too had major reactions! I had a very painful arm, so much so that it was difficult to move. I had rash and blisters in my throat which made it difficult to eat, a fever, and pretty much all the side effects you could get. It was bad enough that my doc advised me not to get the second shot! However, when it was time for the second shot, I was feeling pretty good so I went ahead and got it. I had no side effects at all from the second shot.

Several people have mentioned that their reaction to the second shot was far less than the first. Now, I am not giving you advice, but my for me, getting the second shot outweighed the risk of getting shingles.

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Smac29 in reply to t2aa

Thanks t2aa!! I’m better just have a little fatigue.

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