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Don't know if this info is out there yet, but I just wanted to share


So, as of February 9, 2017 (I know it's a year old, but I'm just learning it now and maybe others don't know), scientists have linked the risk of developing CLL to the inheritance of nine regions of DNA, five of which help white blood cells fight disease. These new variants affecting the immune system were each individually associated with an increased risk up to 17% of developing CLL. Two were in the regoins of DNA that have previously been linked with autoimmune disorders (ie. lupus and MS).

As of now they have found 41 DNA changes that influence the risk of developing CLL. There were 6,200 patients with CLL in this study, so it wasn't a small research project by any means.

So, to break it down, what they are saying is that, even though CLL is a cancer of the blood it is basically an immune system disorder. My take on this....boosting the immune system could help your body combat the disease itself. I may be wrong, but I have a pretty good feeling about it. I will be using that knowledge to help my nana, since she is the loved one that I joined this site for. I will keep y'all posted on how that goes.

Not sure if anyone will find this post helpful, but I was called to share and grateful to find the article. The website it can be found at is

Thanks for letting me share.

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

This is very important research, and I have followed Richard Houlston for years, since my CLL is familial.. my sister also has it...

I posted a study here from the Mayo Clinic about polygenetics... so things are moving along is this field.

Thanks for posting, many are new to this site and may have missed this important study.


kjharvey in reply to Cllcanada

I am still new myself, but as I joined to obtain information to help the people I love and others, it's important to share all new information that I learn with the community as I am able to use what I have learned from here as well.

Thanks for posting. Very interesting.


I have concerns about the authenticity and scientific basis for many of claims listed elsewhere on the Cancer Tutor site- beyond Richard Houlston's excellent article.

I don't see attribution to expert authors or scientific study links for the posted "cures" or stated benefits.

Here is the only explanation of the sources I can find on the site:

Welcome to Cancer Tutor


Many natural health practitioners and researchers have recognized Cancer Tutor as being a driving force in their journey. We strive to make Cancer Tutor a place where cancer researchers, patients, and their families can share their experiences and challenges.

From its first online article in 2003 to now reaching more than 20,000 daily visitors, Cancer Tutor has become a lifeline in the cancer community.

Who We Are

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (ICRF) was founded by R. Webster Kehr in 2006 to research and report on the most effective natural cancer treatments available. The ICRF is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, headquartered in Nevada, USA.

Foundation team members are experts sharing their knowledge and experience to help develop some of the most powerful natural cancer treatment protocols in the world.

The ICRF has empowered thousands of cancer patients all over the world to consider alternative treatments and take back control of their lives and their health.

I suggest reading this entire pinned post before reading any of the Cancer Tutor site:


It’s great to see Research continues into causes.

However your comment about boosting the immune system makes me ask the question - If dna variants and changes are 17% more likely to lead to the development of CLL would boosting the immune system cause this to occur quicker?

Yes we all need to ensure our immune system is looked after!

But surely we need to slow down changes? Does boosting the immune system not only boost the healthy cells but also encourage proliferation of the cll cells?

As we all know cll patients have a situation where the cll cells proliferate and do not die at the same rate as healthy cells. This causes the fight for space between healthy cells and the cll clones.

This research is excellent as far as looking at the potential of someone developing cll and for the possibility of developing future treatments targeting a specific cause (if there proves to be some)

However, before taking this as a sign to boost a patients immune system I would certainly ask my medics for their thoughts just in case we boost the proliferation of cll clones .

Would be interested to hear the opinion of those with more expert knowledge.

I also totally agree with Lens post above!

Looks like a bit of marketing support to me.


kjharvey in reply to Cammie

I am looking into ways to boost only the healthy cells. There are many natural options available, just need to find the right combination

Cammie in reply to kjharvey

Just be very careful when utilising alternative methods as they can be dangerous. Particularly as this may be advice for your nana!

It would be a major life changing experience for you should you advise her to take some quack therapy ( there are lots about) and it caused a speeding up of cll proliferation or worse!

Discussion with medics to obtain there views on any such therapies is a must particularly now as science is progressing in respect of understanding cause and effect and new targeted therapies are available.

Makes one feel that you have no control over this....just your DNA...I am not sure that I want to share with my sons.....

Makes sense that is autoimmune related seeing people with RA and other immune disorders are at higher risk of SLL/CLL , I have RA 10 years and now CLL ..Had rhituxan infusion for RA and lowered my WBC from 26000 to 7000 ,was on enbrel for years and wbc stayed around 12000 once I was diagnosed with CLL I did not want to take any med for my RA , stopped enbrel and wbc climbed to 25,000 in 6 months, hematologist said the enbrel most likely keep wbc down , so there you have it , if you keep your immune system compromised your white count tend to stay lower, finally after year could not take RA pain and that's when I tried rhituxan infusion ,RA pain at bay and WBC down ,hope that it last for a long time !! RA is autoimmune disease, basically a over active immune system ,that is why medicine that decreases immune system helps people with RA and in my case has also lowered my wbc...rhituxan is used for CLL and rheumatoid arthritis, compromising or lowering immune system...

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Ervents

Some of the meds for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), e.g. Rituxan also reduce the CLL tumour burden, because they target the cause of both illnesses, B-Lymphocyte white blood cells. Others like Embrel target messenger proteins (cytokines) blocking the inflammation process and hence preventing auto-immune B-lymphocytes from migrating to areas of inflammation and worsening it.

You should get your respective specialists for RA and CLL working together.

The Embrel prescribing information notes the increased risk of those with RA developing leukaemia. Fom

"Cases of acute and chronic leukemia have been reported in association

with postmarketing TNF - blocker use in rheumatoid arthritis and other indications. Even in the absence of TNF - blocker therapy, patients with rheumatoid arthritis may be at higher risk (approximately 2 - fold) than the general population for the development of leukemia."

CLL is caused by clonal B-lymphocytes that die slower than they multiply and congregate in nodes, blood and bone marrow. B-lymphocytes go through a hypermutation process to create unique antibodies/immunoglobulins that lock onto pathogens marking them for destruction by generating a unique B-Cell Receptor (BCR) for antigens specific to the pathogen (e.g. surface proteins). In the hypermutation process of generating those BCRs, some BCRs naturally occur that can attack our body cells. Sometimes the process that is supposed to silence those auto-immune B-lymphocytes doesn't work, and we end up with B-lymphocytes that, depending on what body cells they attack cause Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), RA and in some cases cytopenias, such as Auto-Immune Haemolytic Anaemia (AIHA), (Immune Thrombocytopenia, ITP) and even Neutropenia, which are more common in those with CLL.

There's certainly suspicion that chronic inflammation increases the risk of developing CLL, but I don't know if the mechanism is understood.

Thank you I've had lupus for 30 years and i suspect it caused my cll😣

Very interesting. Is it correct a lot of our immune system is in our gut? If so maybe concentrating on a healthy gut could help us?

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