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Suffering on -going Depression

I have been suffering on-going serious Depression for many years now. Sadly in the UK the UK Mental Health Support Services are in many areas abysmal. I have had little or no input worth mentioning and have steadily become more withdrawn and isolated.

I do not go out hardly ever, spend most of my time in bed and continue to feel that my previous energetic, rich and full life is passing with each day. I also suffer a number of physical conditions, some potentially serious which does not help the situation. I have many days where l feel that l am living in “a parallel universe” to others.

This site is amazing and allows self expression and so much positivity abounds! Shame we cannot all get together! I know l have to find a way forward to survive and that for me l believe is moving (nightmare thought) but flipping my life over in a new and different environment. Reducing the amount of physical baggage l am carrying and live more minimally. Concentrating on trying to put one foot forward at a time and sustaining it before l try another

I know there are so many “beautiful people and souls” out there wondering how to get through the next 5 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day and my heart goes out to you all! I believe WE CAN BEAT THIS THING TOGETHER! Regardless of whether we have Mental Health Input or not. I am trying at the moment to look at my “use of time” and am about to set myself a written list of life’s basics within a basic routine and sustain it.

Really sending out heartfelt thoughts to you all. We HAVE to learn to BELIEVE again and we can TOGETHER! I am willing to give it my best try, are there others who have had enough of being “sick and tired of being sick and tired”? I would love to hear from you! Chloe

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Thank you for your support New Dawn. Life is pretty grim at the moment, but am trying to develop coping strategies. However, l believe that Mental Health Support should be available to those who need it. Norfolk/Suffolk are appalling. Sometimes we all need “a leg up” many cannot work on themselves they are beyond it. I do wonder what kind of a world we live in where people (the right people and organisations) make active choices about those who are “worth it and those who are not”. This is an excellent forum for Peer Support and l am totally delighted l have found it. However, and it cannot be easily denied that some need additional “outside input” to “be safe and get off the ground” enough to fully utilise the peer to peer support that is offered here.


Chloe, I am so sorry to hear about your on-going depression. In reading your short bio I see that you have had an amazingly interesting and active life, and in reading your responses to posts on the Anxiety Support site I see that you are especially skilled at providing supportive uplifting comments to others. I can also relate to your comment about being “sick and tired of being sick and tired”. In answer to your question about whether others feel the same way I can say that indeed I feel that way sometimes too. I love seeing the pictures that CLLcanada posts, to me they are uplifting, and you might think about posting some of your photographs along with your posts to this group and the Anxiety group. Wishing you the best. Hang in there!


Thank you for your really kind words! You are a really inspiring woman yourself. I guess my largest fault if l have to name one is that having worked in the “business of providing support and working with people suffering psychological difficulties” l have the answers, well some of them, we all learn more each day, but am not very good at heeding my own advice or using my knowledge on myself! You have a wonderful smile in your photograph that speaks to me of a beautiful person inside! Yes l will consider posting some photographs of mine, maybe they could be used in meditation as they are all landscape photography of amazing hard to get to places mainly in the Celtic lands of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. I am Welsh so a little biased about the magic pure Celtic can bring! Lots of seascapes too. Am currently putting music to many of them with the idea of achieving background but not intrusive music “to calm the soul”! Thank you again for your kindness!

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