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Sore, weak, tired, slightly swollen legs?

So part of my current symptoms which I don't know whether they are recovery from pneumonia or the new normal for me has been very tired, sore legs. I find walking hard, and standing up is even worse. I noticed a couple of days ago that there is mild pitting odema over my shins. I know my heart is ok as I had an echocardiogram.

So here's the question: any of you guys ever had this too? Is this likely part of the CLL?

Interestingly I'd been told I should get flight socks as I'm bracing a short flight tomorrow. When they arrived yesterday I noticed that they are supposed to also help prevent tired sore legs. Imagine my surprise when trying them on made my legs feel less heavy, less sore and maybe even a bit stronger. I even managed to stand up for a bit in church today and felt a lot less wiped out as a result!

Am I going crazy or am I onto something? Would it be bad for me to wear these long socks every day?

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Hi AdrianUK

I had pneumonia, sepsis, severe ARDS too - so it has taken me a while to differentiate what are CLL symptoms and what are other side effects. In fact, I begun to appreciate what side effects are longer term and which are part of normal recovery. My joints ache, some times worse than others. Walking is good except for sudden fatigue. Standing for prolonged time is really hard. My legs are swelling and aching again like post ICU - I was thinking of wearing the special 'tights' too - im gonna try em


Hiya. I guess for me, I'm going most of my symptoms are post pneumonia as then they will get better!!

Anyway, Here's the ones I bought. 3 Pairs of Top Quality Anti-DVT Support Compression Flight Socks - 9-12 - Black UK Made amazon.co.uk/dp/B010ST046M/...

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Hi Adrian

compression socks have a medical benefit and there is plenty of information written about how you should wear them but I can't really advise as you have some complex stuff going on

In my case my CLL is quite mild BUT I feel like Icarus as my physical ability has deteriorated so much so fast as in the last 6 months as i have gone from being able to complete very difficult and long hikes to struggling to get through a week of work and recover on weekends

A lot of my issues come from a 10 day illness in June and a second 10 one in July it's now mid September and while it's unlikely I will ever get back to were I was I have certainly recovered significantly in the last 6 weeks and the focus for now with my CLL specialist is looking for unknown medical issues and taking steps to prevent getting sick again

Right now I am getting the most benefit from short rides on my bicycle of 30 to 50 minutes at a very mild heart rate and also use and indoor rowing machine in both cases I use and EKG grade heart rate monitor and keep my heart rate in a very specific range as it takes the guesswork out of my recovery


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I have had such soreness all over, stiffness and pain since I had pneumonia in June. I kept attributing it to the first IGG treatment. I had never known that pneumonia could leave you with body aches and leg problems.


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