Pneumonococcal vaccine timing question

At my GP visit yesterday, timing of the pneumonia vaccines came up. I'm 63 and on W & W, had PPSV23 last in 2008. She is now recommending the PCV13 vaccine first, followed after 8 weeks or so by PPSV23, which I think should be OK based on the Center for Disease Control timing posted here. Just checking in case anyone has a different understanding! The good news that blood counts are stable!

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  • Bleimsner,

    That's how mine were done!

  • I believe I had the PCV13 first followed by the PPSV23 8 weeks later in 2009 , a year after my diagnosis but I can't remember. I wonder whether I should have the pneumonia vaccination again I am 64 still in W and W with relatively low ALC and lymphocyte counts

  • An excellent graphical and explanation web page is at this link:-


  • I've read the CDC- ACIP recommendations numerous times and agree that your GP is interpreting them accurately. PCV13 first and PPSV23 at least 8 weeks later.

    I also believe that after 5 years, the PPSV23 should be repeated. But it is unclear how many 5 year repeats are recommended for us immune compromised people.


  • I thought that going forward you should have the PPSV 23 vaccine at 5 year intervals. I left this with my GP about 2 months ago and still no response, and also included the HIB and Meningococcal vaccines. He said he would consult the Green Book and get back to me !!

  • Thanks for your replies. I showed my GP the CDC recommendations, as she was very confused when I had the first shot in 2009, and appeared unaware of the five-year repeat, thinking that it was 10 years. Before getting the first shot, I had bronchitis/pneumonia several times, but thankfully haven't had it since.

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