Multiple Lymph Nodes at back of head/neck

Dear Friends,

my ALC is playing between 210-240 for last few months and I am fine with this. But thing that make me worried is that in last 3-4 days i can observe 3 lymph nodes at back of my neck also having some infection at back of my head. Yesterday visited doctor (physician not oncologist) but he mentioned that due to dandruff there is some infection and just because of that infection lymph nodes are there.

He was of the view that if these lyph nodes are associated with CLL then they will remain for longer period and will increase in size. While lymph nodes due to infection usually disappear in 2 weeks as soon infection is controlled. Is this right?


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  • Ali

    Infection does occasionally mean enlarged lymph nodes as the immune system fights infections we produce more white cells that fight infections and they can congregate in the nodes for a while.

    Take your doctors advice and if the nodes have not disappeared after the infections have gone go back and discuss tge situation again.

  • Yes, pretty much right. Just keep an eye on them. Best of luck.

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