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I saw my doctor last Thursday. All my numbers are not bad. WBC,26.2, RBC 4.34, Lymphocytes 20.3 and percentage is 77.5. Hgb 13.0, hct 39.6, mcv 91.2 MCH 30.0, MCHC 32.8, PLATELETS 188. Symptoms I have been having is fatigue, pain in right hip and leg. Not a lot of symptoms. I have lost right at 30 pounds in last year. I get hot off and on thru the day and night but not the drenching night sweats I hear about.Doctor has ordered another full body cat scan and whole body bone scan to be done on the same day. Possible after that he spoke of bone marrow check maybe. I am concerned about doing both of these in the same day since I will be injected for both of these. Should I be? He did say that cat scan was because he wanted to recheck my lymph nodes. is the bone scan really needed at this point wonder?? Does anyone have any input for me before I have these test completed???

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Seems a bit aggressive for a single day... to me. I would get a second opinion from a CLL specialist.



Is this your doctor at KU? I love getting as many things done the same day as possible, but would be concerned, as you are, about contrast for two different procedures on the same day.


After talking with doctor at KU he thought I was in good hands with the hematologist that I had been seeing until things change. So I am being monitored by hematologist that is closer to me. If and when treatment is being considered I will be going to KU. I did have bone scan today. As it turned out I had to reschedule Cat scan as having sore throat and sinus issues so was put on antibiotic.I decided on my own that until infection is gone I would not have a true picture on my lymph nodes. Scheduled CT for next week and see the doctor on Thursday. Hoping for good results.


I'm glad you ended up doing the scans on different days, but I'm sorry you are dealing with an infection. I don't know CLL doctors in your area, but my cousin had a stem cell transplant at KU for AML and got fabulous care.


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