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I miss OJ

Seems like a small thing but sometimes it's the little things that count. 4 months into Imbruvica and what I miss most is a cold glass of orange juice in the morning.

When I started the pharmacy said " no grapefruit or Seville orange juice".. No problem giving up grapefruit ( yuck) but OJ not so much.

So my question is this ...does anyone know if juice from oranges other than Seville oranges would be ok? Navel or Valencia oranges for example.

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The orange juice that you buy in a US grocery store will not have seville oranges. I am referring to the big brands. I would avoid marmalade as this product should be using seville oranges.

If in doubt, send an e-mail to manufacturers.


Thx I was thinking of making my own marmalade but with valencias that we get in So Cal. I have a recipe that we got in Spain


If you have concerns, buy oranges at the store and juice them yourself... hand juicers are still available and it just takes a minute... you don't need a machine...

NOTHING beats fresh squeezed orange juice... I have done it for years...



We always squeeze (live in Az ) it's just that the specialty Pharmacy said no Seville orange OJ or grapefruit


Seville organges are extremely bitter... you wouldn't be drinking juice from it... they are used in jams and baking primarily, they are also very hard to find... you often need to go to a specialty grocer...

Something else to watch for is St. John's Wort... and obviously there are many drug interactions...


Enjoy your OJ now that you know you can have it safely. It's funny that I never really ate much grapefruit, but the minute I couldn't have it, it seemed to be an ingredient in every menu item I wanted this summer!

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