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Mosquito bites

I have never ever been bitten by a mozzy in my life. This year i took up lake fishing which is obviously still water so the little sods have set up camp waiting for me.

I am using Deet but still getting bitten like im a walking kebab. The question is , before i have to give up fishing does anyone know of a proven remedy? I ended up in hospital last week as my CD4 count is low so they were worried i would get an infection.

Im getting 30/40 bites in a session, even with the repellent.

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You know Grizzlebear, as someone who can react badly to mosquito bites, I'd be seriously thinking about putting a hold on the fishing until the CD4 improves. 30/40 bites constitutes a hefty attack at a time when your ability to fight infection is compromised.

Deet usually does the job and there's a host of other suggestions like Avon So Soft spray (blue green bottle) which seems to help me. However, I'd be erring on the side of caution for the time being unless you're determined to tough this out for the sake of the fishing. They do seem worse by still water.

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I have to agree with New Dawn. Some think that B Vitamins make you less appealing, others eating garlic. Avon Skin so Soft has been around for years and many swear by it. I tried it both on me and on my pets for fleas. Fail in my case, though the oil did save me from painful dry skin when I lived in Connecticut in the winter. You can also get full body netting. Having ended up with a bad case of cellulitis from a mosquito bite, I prefer to avoid biting bugs when possible.

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