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Positive moments despite CLL

 Positive moments despite CLL

As of 2013 I know about my CLL, chemo- and antibodytherapie started about one year ago, but didn't work because of P53 deletion. As of 2015/11 I am on Ibrutinib. Some tireying, but bearable sideeffects, however excellent results of my monthly bloodtests and no lymphknodes. Even though this side looks encouraging, there are periods of depressive mood, because of lack of assurance, about how it will go on. This results in a change of my normal behaviour (I become touchy, listless, witty, e.g.)

So my wife and I decided to dare kind of an adventure. We hired a homemobile and did a 5 weeks, 5.000 Miles, trip up to the northcape. The impressions have been that intensive, (See the picture attached) that in my mind my situation nearly disapeared. And now, since we are back at home, I am grateful and are able to cooperate in a much better way with my feelings.

What I learned from this is, that a change of the familiar surrounding, might help to change your point of view in a positive way.

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So true, Germangerd, that a change of scenery can give a boost to our spirits, and help us get more positive perspectives on things. A recent holiday in Scotland has just done the same for me! I managed to get up hills that I could never have climbed a year ago, before I started treatment.

Thanks for the wonderful photo... It reminds me of Scotland!


P.S. Wishing all the best to everyone who's planning a holiday this summer... Keep safe, and ENJOY! :-)

P.P.S. Apologies to those downunder, where it's winter...


I agree with you Germangerd. I'm lucky to live in beautiful Northern California where I'm either a two hour drive to the ocean, or two hours to the mountains and lakes. When the walls start closing in, a day trip sure helps my outlook and mood. A camera helps remind me of the beauty that surrounds me. I love looking at my pictures on days I don't feel well. It reminds me of future trips to come and helps distract the mind with beauty. Lovely photo. Thanks for sharing. Sally


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