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Lymph System Pain?

Hi there

I was diagnosed about a year ago and have received great support from this site so, thank you! I wonder though if someone can help again? I have been having what I can only describe a short and very localised pain in bones and muscles. The pain feels like a tightening of muscles or someone prodding me with a blunt instrument. Recently I have developed a more acute pain in the muscles of my upper left arm. I know that many of us are constantly minesweeping our bodies for "abnormalities" and I am generally cool about these things but am actually a little anxious. I kind of do t want to go to the doctors because I do t want to go on the whole 'tests' roundabout - also, last time I did that u had to sit in a room and be told I have cancer. That was scary and maybe I'm scared that might happen again. Any thoughts that might help would be useful.

Thanks again


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Hi Steve,

Is the pain in your bones and muscles only in your upper left arm or does it move around your left side? (upper chest/rib cage and at the back or near the collarbone) It pops up in different spots at different times? Almost feel Iike engaina but not quite. I have a pain in these locations including upper left arm and been trying hard to figure out what's causing it.

I was diagnosed 6 months ago and on w&w. Had a CT and all the organs including heart, spleen and lung in the area are normal except for some slightly enlarge nodes in the armpits. My doc brushed the pain aside and said it's probably not related to the CLL. Most likely caused by anxiety or inflammation in the area.

Might want to look into Costochondritis.

Hope this is of some help.

Best wishes,




Time to bite the bullet and check in with your doctor. Ask about having your vitamin D and the B vitamins checked. This appointment could give you the good news that this pain is not something to be concerned about and a suggestion for relief.

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Hi Steve,

I had a lot of bone pain and some muscle pain late 2014/early 2015. Blood tests revealed a very low Vit D level. Having been prescribed a Vit D supplement the pains gradually lessened and finally disappeared after about 7 months. I am now very aware of having to get plenty on sunlight (without burning obviously) and so far, touch wood, all is good.

Best wishes


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