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I am so impressed by the support you all give to everyone on this site! I feel so much better having you to reach out to and realizing I am not alone in this journey. Thank you! Realizing also this is probably a strange question since a concern for many in treatment weight loss can be overwhelming. I am labeled obese and in the WW period. Need to be on a better nutrionally sound diet. Researching antioxidants, supplements, etc. is there any sites you recommend or best to eat the way I should have my whole life? Old habits hard to break of course! Thanks!

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  • Hi kaycab and I'm so pleased you also find this site supportive and informative.

    It's great that you're now thinking of looking at a more nutritionally sound diet because being in the best shape we can is probably the greatest head start we can give ourselves come treatment time. I've been unfortunate enough to be diagnosed with diabetes since my CLL diagnosis and can wholeheartedly recommend a low carb diet for weight loss and health benefits (though you wouldn't think so reading my posts over the last year!). I'm not into potions, lotions or lots of supplements personally but do take magnesium for cramp and have asked my haemo to do Vit D and magnesium tests. I'm certainly no angel but checking my glucose levels ensures I don't slip into being a carb devil either! :-)

    I'd say keep well hydrated and try to significantly reduce your sugar and carb intake. I'm not going along the sugar feeds cancer route because it's a scientifically contentious area but it does seem to feed fungal infection and we are very prone to those. It also makes us feel sluggish I believe.

    Eat well, try to avoid snacking, exercise within your capabilities and aim for a slower more sustained weight loss. But don't succumb to guilt feelings. We still have to enjoy life!

    Best wishes,


  • What a delightful post! Thank you!!! My Vit D very low so yes take that. Guilt feelings always so appreciate all your input and support!! Here's to a healthy change!

  • Hi Newdawn, I was interested to learn you are on Vit D, and Magnesium tablets, I too started taking these along with Turmeric about 4 or 5 weeks ago and I must say I feel much brighter and energetic, and my husband passed a remark a few days ago that he thought I seemed a lot brighter since taking them. I didn't really start them because of my CLL but to see if they could help with my chronic headache/migraines. Will be interesting when I go for my next check up in 3 weeks to see whether they have made any difference to any of my bloods.


  • Glad to hear they're having such a positive effect June. I'm seeing my haematologist next week and have had my Vit D and magnesium levels checked for the appt. I started taking magnesium because I suffer dreadful leg and foot cramps. They've helped a lot but not totally but in truth I don't know if that's the reason or deficiency.

    Warm regards,


  • Hi Newdawn. My husband took quinine for cramps, they did the trick, he has to stop them when his platelets dropped but is no longer bothered by cramp.

  • I have thought of quinine thanks June but with my spleen slightly swollen and immunoglobulins on the wane, I'm nervous of impairing platelet function.

    I'm seeing the Consultant Tuesday so I'll mention the cramps then.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi, Newdawn. I am still on watch and wait but I doubt it will be for much longer. I asked my haemotologist if I should take magnesium to alleviate leg cramps and was told 'no' as my magnesium level was normal. It was suggested I drink a glass of tonic water during the evening, for the quinine. That and a simple exercie to stretch my leg muscles before I get into bed have most definitely helped.

    I am thankful for that as cramps really are most unpleasant.

    Best wishes to all in their attempt to combat them.


  • Thanks!!! Will definitely research that! Appreciate all the help!

  • I've collated diet related references in this post:

    Hopefully you'll find some helpful information there.

    Frustratingly for the huge supplement business, medical evidence that supplements do anything to improve overall health and reduce cancer is proving very hard to come by; it seems the benefits are best obtained by eating the source foods, rather than concentrated supplements...


  • Thanks Neil! During my face in the computer these last weeks I have seen many mentions of supplements and you put it so well -source foods!!!! Thanks for the site also!

  • Hi Kaycab,

    I'm glad you are making use of the knowledge everyone is willing to share. Last fall my best friend was told if she didn't lose 35 pounds she was going to shorten her life. She has atrial fibrillation. Her doctor recommended Weight Watchers. She has now lost 40 pounds in about seven months and feels great. Her blood tests look great also. She said everyone there is so very supportive and positive. She said it was just learning a new way of eating and getting out and walking. She also said she is never hungry and has so many choices to enjoy and an energy level she hasn't had since her thirties. She is 64. Her walks are one of her most enjoyable parts of her day. I hope there is a Weight Watchers chapter near you. Take one day at a time and know we are cheering for you.

    Kindest regards,


  • Thanks Sally! Absolutely will! The encouragement her is just so wonderful!

  • I was about to write the same as Sally (about Weight Watchers), then I saw she'd already said it! Yes, if someone is obese - losing weight can be a lifesaver, and can even slow down the progress of CLL. (Cllcanada has written about that).

    Losing weight isn't just about what we eat - it's about attitudes and lifestyle.... Not easy to do by yourself. I've heard that the group support on Weightwatchers is a big part of their success.

    If you don't have a group near you, maybe you could ask to be referred to a dietician, who will talk you through things... looking at what you eat now, and how it could be improved, to suit your individual situation and health problems.

    Wishing you well,


  • Thank you Paula!!! Appreciate your help! This board is a true lifeline!

  • I'm a Weight Watcher from away back, and wholeheartedly support their program. Basically just sensible eating with points built in for a craving here and there.

    And what could be more appropriate.....Weight Watchers while on Wait and Watch! ;)

  • Great slogan! Thanks lovestowalk!

  • I went on a higher protein, lower carb diet, eating 5 small meals and two snacks per day and lost 35 pounds over the course of a year. I drink green tea and black tea, very little processed foods and drink 8 10 ounce glasses of water per day. I make a veggie soup with Tumeric in it. But I do not take supplements. Walking our dogs, for several short walks a day has helped keep the weight off.

  • Thanks for the suggestions and congratulations!!! I'm trying. Hopefully do as well as you! Love turmeric in the soup!

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