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An "Aah" moment, perchance?


OK, nothing to do with CLL, but it may give some members a cheerful moment, especially Ozziebee, who I know to be a "cat person".

These are twin girls, 7 months old, almost identical except one has a tiny bit larger grey smudge on her head than the other. Check the eyes, right blue, left green on both. They are currently at Chelmsford Cats Protection, but I don't think they'll be there for long! They came in because they had previously been adopted into a mutli-cat household and just didn't like the crowding.

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Mostly a dog person but am OK with cats. A pair of beauties. Good luck to them.


Ahhhhh indeed....wish I lived close, they'd have a home with me. Very sweet faces and the two are obviously bonded. I do hope they remain together . Odd eyes are a bonus extra. Somewhat rare, and to find two? .... rare considering the random manner in which that occurs. Also may have saved their hearing since while developing in utero melanin deposit patterns in the head determine degree of hearing. Melanin in the ear and other areas of the head determine degree of hearing. An all white cat with blue eyes has a greater chance of hearing deficiency. The green eye and on one, even the grey smudge may have helped them keep their hearing. If their hearing IS not good it would make a "multi cat" environment much more challenging and stressful for them. Thanks for sharing these wonderful cats.

I love cats and this gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I used to have a beautiful persian but she passed and oddly enough I am ridiculously allergic to animals but was never allergic to her, strange huh! But this pic makes me happy with great memories of the cat/buddy I once had.


You are right MR2Don! Never enough cat pictures for me! These girls are adorable and I hope they get their forever home soon! Both of my boys are fact...all my cats have been rescues. Always feels good to save a life!

Love to see pictures of sweet animals who are being helped to find a home. I work at a no kill cat shelter (I grew up with dogs but do not believe it is "either-or" ) and have wonderful kitties from my shelter. They give me perspective and lots of laughs that help me everyday with my CLL worries.

These two beauties would not be long in my shelter. I hope they find a loving home together as they are bonded. something people don't always realize is common with kitties.

Picture made me smile today :)


Simply beautiful! 😻