The Other Tattoo

The Other Tattoo

Since it will only allow one pic at a time, I am doing a second post to show my other tattoo. See my first "Tattoos" post to make sense of this one.

This tattoo (on my derrière) was done to let my doctors, nurses and anyone who might administer a shot or change my hospital gown know; that, in spite of my cancer, I haven't lost my sense of humor.

In case it is hard to read, it says "Cancer can kiss my..."

I need my artist go back over the red lips. Apparently, red ink is the most often rejected color by the body.

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  • Love it :-)

  • That's so great and funny!!!

  • Brilliant 😆

  • Ha! :-)) 👍

  • Love your sense of humor!

  • too funny. My wife (a clinic nurse) who hasn't met a butt she didn't inject, would get a laugh out of that

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