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The chief problem the elderly have is in communicating effectively with the National Health Service as it has a linguistic all of its' own! Do others say over 75 have a similar problem or is it just me!

As far as I know I am reasonably intelligent and play in orchestras and string quartets, and do not as far as I am aware suffer from any mental problems.

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If you have a read of you should have a better understanding of the main issues so you can understand better what your doctors are talking about.

There are plenty on here who will be able to answer some of your questions but remember your doctor is your best option for medical questions.

Always difficult to receive this diagnosis whatever the age so you are not alone.

If you can attend a CLLSA meeting you will be able to meet many who have been through this on their own journey


I used to work in our local hospital (admin), and have found it so helpful when members of my family have needed their services. I did not realise how much info I had gathered, and how much was needed when dealing with the medical side.

Just keep asking - repeating the questions if you don't get a sensible response! They sometimes forget that their jargon doesn't make sense to a lay person, whatever age they are.

I don't think you have to be over 75 (I'm 68) either, though you do get the occasional (one hopes) person who assumes you have lost your marbles if you look older than they do!


I Thank you for your comment. I should have made MYSELF clearer. There is nothing wrong with the professionals, they are OK at communicating, --usually as they believe language is evocative rather than representative but operate on both types of language.

Unless they are pressed, they use language to evoke, rather than to represent. This is the normal "doctor mode" which is used to avoid any negative effects of their investigations.

If you do any investigations or observations, particularly in human matters, this can cause perturbation of the situation, and loss of control of the application of the representative science being applied.

My chief problems in the past have been with the poor management and its poor structure and above all its lack of practical imagination.


I completely agree with you!


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