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Dec 12 at City of Hope: Patient Educational Forum and Launch of an Ongoing CLL Society Support Group Meeting in LA and a lot more

Some have asked for a link to the brochure for the City of Hope, LLS and CLL Society meeting that we are all sponsoring just after I and Drs. Siddiqi and Rosen return from the major CLL news and research meeting of the year, namely ASH 2015. We will be armed with not just the latest news on CLL, but will start with the basics for newbies.

We will also be sharing our amazing 8 years of experience with a patient lead CLL specific support group in Orange County, CA and our launch of a new one for the CLL community in LA.

To join the forum and consider joining the ongoing new CLL support group, please visit: cllsociety.org/docs/COH%20P... and then click the link to register from there.

If you missed it, here is a link cllsociety.org/cll-101/lymp... to the patient forum in Sydney Australia we held in combination with Lymphoma Australia. It is long, 75 minutes of discussion, so you may want to break up you visit

And finally, Betsy Dennison,RN has just written a review about monoclonal antibodies in CLL and there is a great short 8 minute video lecture by the one and only Dr. Kipps from the CRC meeting earlier this year: cllsociety.org/2015/11/targ...

As I have been saying the pace of new stuff on the website cllsociety.org is furious leading up to ASH and there will be so much more coming to share after ASH.

Please sign up for the alerts if you haven’t already here: cllsociety.org/newsletter-s... so that you catch it all.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Brian Koffman​

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