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Drugs cuts what are we going to do about it

Any suggestions anyone ? 20.000 migrants coming in to the UK and the current parliament denying Cancer patients treatments

Patients who pay there taxes forsaken for Tory publicity stunts!!!!

What is the point in raising funds for research if new drugs are being withdrawn?

Time to get active don't you think ?

The flyer

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How I agree .i feel very sorry for the migrants but they should be made to pay for health care .We have paid our taxes and national insurance stamps as our parents and grandparents did before us .As regards to raising funds for research what is the point .

The situation is going to become impossible .We have to wait three to four weeks at present for G P appointment where I live so goodness knows what will happen next .



I totally agree with what's been said, hope some comes up with an answer sooner rather than later.



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