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Odd symptoms in stage 0

Hello All,

I'm a 73 yr old woman in stage 0 for over two years. Recently I've experienced nausea off and on as well as excessive joint pain. Any of you experienced the same? I've been blessed with good health all my life so this has been an adjustment as it has been for all of you. Like many it was discovered I have CLL after a routine blood draw for thyroid meds. I'm thankful for this site and wish all of you success as you manage this mysterious cancer.

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Hi Minsing,

I presume you aren't on any medication for your CLL?

Have you seen your doctor about these symptoms?

With CLL, we are still subject to all the same occasional and sometimes chronic health conditions, particularly as we get older, so your symptoms may have nothing to do with your CLL.

Does your nausea come on gradually or suddenly? Does it have any pattern, such as occurring at particular times of the day or after particular activities? Can you identify any triggers for it? How long does it last?

I've had bad spells of nausea since my diagnosis with CLL that I attribute to my CLL. Most often they come on if I exert myself more than usual and sometimes it doesn't take much activity to trigger them. It can take me half an hour or so before I feel well enough to move again after sitting down as I feel too ill to do anything. I attribute this to my CLL so badly affecting my immune system in my first year after diagnosis, that I was frequently ill and so lost my fitness. I've also had times when I've felt quite ill (but not quite nauseous) just from struggling with changes in temperature - that's happened just from walking into an air conditioned shop. I put that down to CLL too, because I've definitely found my body temperature regulation just doesn't work that well now. I've not had any help from my GP or specialist to deal with these annoying symptoms, but I've learnt to watch for the warning signs and can generally avoid them. I also now prefer clothing (including bedclothes) where I can easily change my clothes to finely adjust my comfort level depending on how hot or cold I feel.



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