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Encouraging progress on CAR-T therapy

Encouraging progress on CAR-T therapy

I found the first page of this article provided a good and fairly understandable overview of where we are with chimeric antigen receptors (CARs) and in particular with the use of the T-cell receptor CAR-T). Much of the article is devoted to blood cancers, in particular B-cell cancers, with CLL specifically mentioned. "Since CD19 is found on the cell surface in most leukemias and lymphomas, but nowhere else in the body except for B-lineage cells, it is an attractive target for therapy. In addition, CD19 has been implicated in tumor survival, making it more likely to be present on—and less likely to be lost from—all tumor cells."

There's also some very encouraging news on progress towards overcoming the major disadvantage so far with CAR-T - the personalised and therefore expensive approach. "We are developing off-the-shelf T cells before the patient arrives at a treatment facility,” asserts Dr. Cooper. “This enables a biobank of T cells to be pre-prepared, which could be a one-time cost.”


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Neil as well as a great administrator you are also a good photographer , taking the sun though a dark filter is a credit


Brad, thanks for your very kind words, but I really can't accept all that credit. Nick won the HU global admin of the year award last year, so I guess I had some good training :) .

The sunset photo turned out well thanks to a fortunate choice of camera which has a good sunset mode, plus the clouds that evening filtering out most of the sun's intensity. I've had enough experience with disappointing full moon photographs to appreciate what a fantastic job our eyes do in coping with such a huge dynamic range in light intensity in these situations.

Now this is a good sun photo:


What a wonderful photo, Neil! The eclipse one (in the link) is amazing too, but your sunset is far more relaxing, and beautiful. Thanks for posting.



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