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The dangers of drinking raw cow's milk

The dangers of drinking raw cow's milk

The recent tragic death of a toddler in Victoria, Australia from drinking cow milk, has prompted Edward Fox, Food Safety and Microbiology Research Scientist and Narelle Fegan, Food Microbiologist, both of the CSIRO (Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), to write this:

Explainer: what is raw milk and why is it harmful?

Craig Dalton, Conjoint Senior Lecturer School of Medicine and Public Health at University of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia, was likewise prompted to write about possible regulatory changes to improve usage safety of cosmetic products:

Bath milk crisis must prompt better cosmetic safety regulation

While not CLL specific, there are important lessons here for us, as our lowered immunity makes us much more at risk of infection from exposure to such natural products, whether we drink them or otherwise come in contact with them.


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True... never unpasterized milk or milk products... but the raw milk from cows fed cotton seeds produce gossypol, aka AT-101, currently in clinical trials.

This was first observed in South Africa about 10 years ago...

I certainly do not advise this raw milk approach, but it is interesting

to see the serendipity in CLL medicine on occasion...

By the way cotton seeds are highly toxic to humans...

Previous post on HU, looking at combining AT-101 with navitoclax...



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