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Does Ginger Reduce Chemo-Induced Nausea? What's Your Experience?

Does Ginger Reduce Chemo-Induced Nausea?  What's Your Experience?

One Mythbusters episode found that ginger worked fairly effectively to reduce motion induced nausea:

But can it do the same for chemo-induced nausea?

According to this Cancer Network article it can!

"So, where, if anywhere, does ginger fit into prevention of nausea in patients receiving chemotherapy? Given the limited data, evidence-based literature supporters would argue against its use in practice. However, patients without bleeding risk or diabetes who desire incorporation of ginger into their preventative treatment may be able to do so without harmful effects, after understanding the risks and benefits." (My emphasis).

What has been your experience?


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Adding ginger to standard anti nausea drugs may help... says the doc at the Mayo Clinic.

The key to contolling nausea is to stay ahead of it... so take your meds as prescribed at the time recommended...

Ginger, my mother always made ginger tea for an upset tummy... old wives tale?

Don't know... but it worked...



though our family has found ginger useful - very - for motion sickness, my sister did not find ginger to be enough for chemo-induced nausea. she swears by her sea-bands, the acupressure wristlets, said they were better even than her anti-nausea drugs. and unlike drugs, she could take them off and know in a few minutes if she needed them back on again, and putting them back on worked.


Love a little ginger tea. We always got ginger ale for upset stomachs. It also worked, but be aware of the warning in the original post about ginger and blood thinners or diabetes.


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