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Long-Term Data for Zydelig (idelalisib) from ASH2014

Long-Term Data for Zydelig (idelalisib) from ASH2014

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Includes information on Study 116/117 and the boxed warning (safety information) for idelalisib:


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These look like seriously horrible side effects, though not dissimilar to chemo effects. I take my hat off to those brave guys trialling these new drugs for those coming up behind.


Hi Neil,

The side effects of any KI (Kinase Inhibitor) should remind us that these kinases perform necessary cell function duties and are not the bad guys like the cancer cells themselves. These kinases have been "captured" by the cancer to do the bidding of the cancer to the detriment of the patient. Theoretically, targeting the defective hubs of pathological signalling should lead to fewer toxic events but we are in new territory here. My take away message from Zydelig is, be especially wary when and if multiple kinases are experimentally inhibited lest we see a possible exponential side effect result.



I've talked to some patients taking it (Anderson has studies ongoing with both it and Ibrutinib),. From what I've heard it is definitely tougher on your than Ibrutinib, but if you're in the 5~10% who have the genetic mutation that causes you to develop resistance to Ibrutinib it is the only non-chemo alternative approved so far. TGR-1202 (also a PI3k-delta) is in trials and may or may not show to have the same problem.

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