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How long before you virtually see your doctor?

How long before you virtually see your doctor?

Almost one in six doctor visits in the USA will be virtual this year, according to this article in Computer World:

What do you think of eVisits/Telemedicine? If it's for something that can be diagnosed without a physical exam, I'm all for avoiding physically visiting the doctor and risking exposure to other patients' illnesses, but if I have a respiratory infection or am visiting my haematologist, I can see the value in having my lungs, nodes, spleen, liver, etc checked physically for any changes.

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I think the physical presence of a Dr cannot be replaced. Also I wonder whether this is an extension of dx by internet? but if you need a consultant with an expert half way round the world its ideal.


I like the idea - at least for some visits. It would save so much time - the journey to the hospital (traffic unpredictable), finding parking (not always easy), waiting for hours in crowded waiting rooms (with other people coughing and spreading germs around us). GP visits are much easier.

Maybe for our routine 3 or 6 monthly checks, the specialised CLL docs could talk with us via Skype, and GPs do the physical examinations (checking for lymph nodes, enlarged spleen and liver etc).

But for people who are not at ease with computers, they should have the option of seeing the doctors in person, every time.


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I tried once because it was Sat. (I forgot what was wrong) as my insurance now offers a $5 "tele???" but I didn't really comfortable. I've seen my GP for 15 years and figured it's worth my comfort to wait and see her. In a bind, she can almost always give me an opinion....


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