Health Check - A hot toddy for the winter chill?

Health Check - A hot toddy for the winter chill?

While this article won't shed any light on the question of whether or not alcohol and CLL are a good mix, it does look at whether there are any health benefits from enjoying a hot toddy when your are feeling ill with a cold. Merlin Thomas, Adjunct Professor of Preventive Medicine at Baker IDI Heart & Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, Australia, writes an interesting article on the derivation of the word 'toddy' including its association with 'toddler' (a young child) and examines the evidence for the legendary therapeutic benefits of this popular cold remedy :


The accompanying picture definitely tells a story. Cockatoos love pine cones and in Australia, you'll see the underneath of pine trees littered with shredded remnants of once green pine cones. I observed the sulphur crested cockatoo on the right fly out of a pine tree with a fresh pine cone, then proceed to demolish it while perched on one leg in a stringy bark eucalyptus. Its mate watched from a nearby eucalyptus tree then flew across to join it on the branch about a metre away. It then gradually sidled up to its pine cone shredding mate. (You can see the pine cone under the left claw of the right cockatoo). You can imagine the conversation. "That pine cone looks delicious. Would you please share it with me?" "Naah, this is mine; go get your own!" If you have ever tried to break off a green pine cone from a tree, you can well appreciate the reluctance to share...

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  • Hi Neil, we also get the red tailed black cockatoos, the sound of them cracking a She Oak nut travels right through the yard, I have been known to get myself a nice glass of wine and sit and watch them, it is definitely therapeutic, if not for my CLL then for the plain joy of living where I do.



  • You are indeed privileged Lynne. I'm on the edge of the range of the South-eastern sub-species of which there are estimated to be about 1,000 left. I haven't seen one yet, but perhaps I'll be lucky! I see a kangaroo and her joey several times a week, once just beyond the back yard, but no wombats. The new crops are more attractive than the garden here :) .

  • I would love not to see so many kangaroos, they have eaten the rose garden I had in my front yard, we have a wombat who lives in a burrow just behind our back fence, I don't mind when she eats the garden as she is only short and cant eat the whole plant :-) I live about 3hrs south of Sydney near the coast, am truly blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the world.

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