Low platelet count. How long before this recovers ?

I started my first course of FC(without R for the first course) six weeks ago. WBC down from 139.3 to 14.4 which seems a good start. However, my platelet count is now 68 and my consultant wants this to recover before my next FCR and has put me on Folic acid tablets. Does anyone know how long this might take ? I'm keen to get on with the treatment, feel well, played tennis yesterday and don't feel like a 75 year old !



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2 Replies

  • Haileybury, I am a 58 year old CLL patient with no co-morbidities. I had FCR last year. My platelet count had dropped to 65 before my first cycle of FCR and dropped to 35 in the second week after the first cycle but then came up to 94 in time for the second cycle. In subsequent cycles, my count didn't drop to less than 65 and then soon improved. After finishing 4 cycles last December, my Platelet count is now 145.

  • Thanks, Kaymack. That's most encouraging. I'm having a blood test in two days time so maybe I will see a higher platelet count.


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