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Imbruvica (Ibrutinib) - Day 1

Took my 3 capsules at 8 PM yesterday. Maybe I should have waited to start in the morning as I had trouble getting to sleep. Not from any particular symptom, just didn't get drowsy as I usually do. But it had been a challenging day dealing with my husband's progressively worsening younger onset Alzheimer's. During the day today I felt reasonably fine, but I really wanted to nap in the early afternoon. Resisted and hoping now after dose #2 sleep will come normally. So far I would say Imbruvica is a piece of cake. Sweet dreams all.

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I am pleased you find Ibrutinib a piece of cake, I think we all do and we are the envy of those suffering the side effects and damage of FCR. I have been on it since last September and I might have been on Asprins as there are no side effects and any symptoms just slowly subside as you return to normal. I just hope that those who have to tolerate other medication for CLL will be able to gain access sooner rather than later albeit as a second or third attempt following progression. Right now it is the wonder drug that everybody wants but there are now others in the pipeline of a similar type being trialled and let us hope a cure is not far away but if these new drugs can keep us in remission until the Grim Reaper calls for other reasons, preferably for old age, then how bad is that. I just feel so sorry for those that are now being diagnosed in their youth and prime of life.

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I have been on Ibru just shy of 3 years now and from my own experiences and talking with many other patients I would say in general that it takes a period of adjustment to the drug where most side effects are mild and transient. The Drug blocks a functional signaling pathway that has been hijacked by the growth and longevity needs of CLL cells. Make sure you get enough rest and keep well hydrated. With your first six months you may have some side effects that include increased vulnerability to infection. In all I am very active and have my life back because of Ibrutinib.


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