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Nadav Shaibom Alternative treatment

Does anyone know if the claims made in the this video were ever verified? I live in Africa and I do not have access most of what I read on this site and others. So I am seeking alternatives.

Does anyone have information about the claims made my Nadav in this video clip.

If his claims have never been verified is there a way I can establish some credibility to this claim?

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Nadav Shraibom is not a CLL specialist, but according to the TrustMed site has been treating cancer patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since 1999 and according to the video has seen positive results on 16 CLL patients (reduction in ALC, some shrinking of nodes and spleen) with a specialised herbal drink, after having apparent success with his first patient in 2003.


If you watch the video referenced above, you'd have to agree that he has done his homework on CLL and he is fairly accurate in what he says. My main concern is more with what he has omitted - namely not stating that a proportion of CLL patients do need treatment fairly soon (in some cases immediately) after diagnosis. Those with more aggressive CLL are conveniently ignored. There was also no mention of the immunity and fatigue problems that many of us face.

We don't know the prognostic markers of his CLL patients or what Chinese herbs are in his herbal brew, so it is rather difficult to find any independent information by which we can assess his claims. We already know that very high concentrations of green tea provide similar benefits for CLL patients to what he claims thanks to the Phase II trial of Polyphenol-E (a custom preparation of EGCG extract from Green Tea), which was investigated by Mayo Clinic using funding provided by CLL Topics, so there is every reason to believe his claims are genuine. (Note, however, that he specifically states that he hasn't assessed whether his treatment provides any improvement in life expectancy.)

One of the challenges of living with CLL is that due to its chronic nature, it is very easy for patients to feel that alternative treatments are doing some good, when the course of their disease may have been the same without any treatment. I'd be much more convinced if I saw a double blind trial of CLL patients that compared outcomes with patients given this brew or a placebo with the results grouped by prognostic marker.

If the idea of using an alternative treatment along the lines of the Traditional Chinese Medicine approach mentioned in the video is appealing, please don't attempt it before first checking with a haematologist (hopefully experienced in CLL) to verify that your prognostic markers indicate that conventional treatment is not required within the next few years. You would also be very wise to disclose what you are doing with your conventional CLL specialist and make certain that your liver and kidney functions remain healthy.



I totally agree with Neil...

There are many natural substances that lower absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) , gossypol, resveratrol, PIETC, silvesterol come to mind, but many are toxic.

Gossypol, was discovered in South Africa, found in the milk of cows eating cotton seeds. It is highly toxic to humans, but it has gone in research to become Novitoclax, now called ABT-263. It was recently tweaked in Australian labs to reduce toxicity and better target it, and currently is in clinical trials for CLL as ABT-199.


So... be careful... some of what you will read about on this and other sites are not available outside the U.S.... this is simply a fact that many of us must live with, Australia and Canada included.

Thankfully many very good CLL treatments like fludarabine, chlorambucil, cyclophosphamide and rituxan are available worldwide... Rituxan perhaps less

so, but it is available as REDITUX from India's Dr. Reddy's and bendamustine as BENDIT from Natco... the cost is extremely low compared to the name brand U.S. drugs....

Talk to your doctors... there are many options...


Thanks for all the responses extremely helpful. Please do you know if it is possible to perform test like FISH remotely? I mean by sending samples to an European laboratory?


Not sure about FISH, but I know a few Canadians that used CombiMatrix in California for gene sequencing, which is better than FISH... simply sent blood samples by overnight courier, but it might be cheaper to go to the lab yourself... ;-)


Might contact them. Do some research, I'm sure there a labs in Europe that offer similar services...

FISH tests are primarily used clinically to separate out 17p deleted patients from all others for special treatments and perhaps clinical trials or stem cell transplants... other than that it is rather academic...


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