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iwCLL 2013: Dr. Jan Burger on the Role of the Micro-Environment in CLL


I just posted on my blog the first of a three part interview with Dr. Jan Burger on the role of the micro-environment in CLL from the first day of iwCLL 2013 in Koln, Germany last month.

While this is basic bench science, it is critical to understanding how many of the novel therapies such as idelalisib and ibrutinib work and how difficult it can be for traditional therapies to get rid of CLL deep in the nodes and marrow.

You might also enjoy the immediate prior post of my interview that Andrew Schorr did to get my personal take on the patient's perspective of the news from the meeting:

More to follow

Stay strong. We are all in this together.


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Thanks Brian. I'm on the Ibrutinib arm of the RESONATE2 study :)


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