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Finally, an excuse to get out of the vacuuming?

Finally, an excuse to get out of the vacuuming?

The aerosolized dust created by vacuums contain bacteria and mold that "could lead to adverse effects in allergic people, infants, and people with compromised immunity," according to researchers at the University of Queensland, Australia and Laval University, Quebec, Canada.

Vacuum dust: A previously unknown disease vector ( News)

Popular Press (Daily Mail UK)

Obviously just walking over a floor that needs cleaning will also raise dust into the air containing the same bacteria and mold. However, it does make you think about the possible benefits of changing flooring or your floor cleaning method if there are susceptible people in your household. Might also be wise to steer clear of cleaning appliances in public places too.


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Having a high quality filter on a vacuum cleaner can help reduce the problem but anything that disturbs dust will not be helpful.



As a guy - I fully endorse your warning!

Can you find any similar adverse research papers on dishwashing, putting out the rubbish, cleaning window, making beds, etc!

Perhaps also published positive CLL papers on putting your feet up and watching lots of sport !!




I just bring you the news; be it on your own head what you do with it ;)


Perhaps Mr Dyson has read this and will soon be marketing a vacuum fitted with a hospital grade HEPA air filter..?



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