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When to start treatment ?


diagnosed CLL in Feb 2013 . Watch and wait , no treatment started, mutated ,no 17 p deletion

Enlarged lymph nodes in neck and stomache, Spleen enlarged , As non date no discomfort, No night sweat , no fever.

Weight loss about 10 % in 5 years. No doubling of ALC in 6 months.

There are no CLL specialist , and I a consult hematologist .

Not able to decide on when to start treatment as one doctor recommends to start BR chemo and another doctor suggests only Rituxanib treatment.

Another doctor suggests to watch and wait till my health deteriorates

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Any blood work been done? Sorry what is BR stand for?

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B R Stands for BENDAMUSTIN and Rituxanib. This is chemo based, risk of damaging bone marrow.

Thank you.

Yes, Im aware of these drugs, never seen that as acceptible abbreviation.

As you might know Bendamustine is very old chemo drug from Germany and other is Rituxin is clasified as monoclonal antibodies. FDA has a black box warning for Rituxain. Unfortuantly my immune system does not function, need IVIG. Good news only small % actually have had this happen.

There are other oral medication.. however your blood counts most likely determine which pathway your oncologist or hemotologist will pick. Sending good thoughts your way.

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Thank you very much.

There ate no CLL specialist doctors

in our county.