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Any one had any experience with claiming against critical illness policy for child who had biliary atresia and then a transplant?

The only reason I ask is that on my policy it mentions that children are covered as part of the policy, and they could pay out up to £25,000, which I never knew until I had my policy docs through and had a quick skim through them.

If they would pay out, there may be many other people in this position who also don't know and could be eligible?

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Yes we had a claim for this, we nearly didn't notice it but a new financial advisor (who is also a friend) spotted this in our old policy before he changed us to a new one. It was under Child critical illness cover. We didn't find out about it until 10 months after transplant but had no problems with the claim going through.

It helped enormously with the costs of being in hospital, far away from home for such a long time and also let me stay off work for a bit of an extended Mat leave until we were over the bumps of the post transplant period.

We had no idea we were covered and could easily have missed it if it wasn't for our friend, everyone should check their polices just incase!

Hope your claim goes through OK.

best wishes



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