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hi my name is sam i am 23 and i had a transplant in 2000 i had alfa 1

sinc i was a babe and had the transplant at kings in london when i was 10

if any one has any questions no matter how personal i will try and answer them and feel free to ask me anything i want to help i remember thing from about the age of 6 and what i dont know i will ask my mum who know much more

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Hi Sam, I wonder if we ever ran into each other my name is Sophie Savage, i'm 24 I had my transplant in '97 at Kings, I also has been going to Kings since I was a few weeks old. I just wonder because we are the same age and would have been there at the same time probably..


i be honest i dont know but mybe ,i always talk to everyone and i was very chatty , i also lived in hospital for about 8 months after op so i met a lot of people,it would be nice to chat to someone who has had simlie time as me. if it helps i was always giving out crispy cakes and had lots of teddys


hi sam,

I have two son's with alpha 1, one is 7 and the other is 2, did you have lots of problems growing up? My youngest had problems at birth for the first 4 months but my oldest hasn't had any problems we only found out he has it because of the younger one. It would be great to hear about what you went through. So I can prepare for what might be.


Hi Sam. My lil junior has alpha 1. Been since 5 weeks we found out. He now 7 months. He on 6 lots of meds 3-4 times days. Bloods still high. He not so yellow has he was!! Did u take lots of meds before the transplant.? We know lil junior going have transplant has he got damage and did not pick up quick so at the waiting for that burn down. So telling us bout Ur story will help us lot. As a mum I never know its going be like day by day x


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