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Bowling at Hollywood Bowl, Leeds - 22nd September

Have you got any plans for Saturday 22nd September - IF NOT get yourself down Hollywood Bowl for fun and frolicks (full info on CLDF events page).

Do you need to have fun and get away from the humdrum of meds and life with a liver illness as both parent/carer(s) and child. If so, then this is the place to be to just have some fun and forget about it for a while.

There will be plenty of other people to talk to and ask questions that sometimes you just don't want to ask the specialists! My daughter has AIH and I believe I am quite clued up on it now.

One year on she is doing fantastic and it is good to see that there is "LIFE WITH LIVER DISEASE".

Hope to see you there - I'm lousy as bowling but hey ho!

Pammie :0)

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Will be lovely to see you all again Pam :)


HI we are hoping to join the event for the first time on the 22nd our son got diagnosed with liver disease at 5 week he is 6 months but still only tiny.It will be nice to meet other families in similar situations


Can't believe this is this Saturday, hope to see more guys and gals from Health Unlocked there. Can't beat a good day out bowling. The more the merrier.


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