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Elevated Levels of ALT and AST


Hi. My daughter who is 2 years and 6 months old has been diagnosed with very high values of ALT and AST. She has deranged cognition profile also. We are currently in Pakistan but will be moving to South Korea for 2 years in April 2018. I want to know if some one had such issues or can guide me about its detailed diagnosis / treatment. Otherwise, she looks quite normal and has no internal bleeding, vomiting. Her all basic tests have been conducted and doctors have recommended LIVER BIOPSY. Looking forward for guidance / help. Regards

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Hi my daughter is Sixteen years old was diagnosed with biliary asresia and had a liver transplant at age of two.

She was really well and recently she had a blood test which shows an increase of ALT, AST and GGM. The liver doctors have increased the dose of her anti regection drugs to observe if this will make a difference to the blood test results.

If the results still come back abnormal then she would require an liver biopsy.

I hope this has been helpful information and good luck. 😊

Hi, it could be anything liver related, until the doctors do further tests nothing can be said for sure!! I would say go for the biopsy and then the doctors will be able to tell you more about her condition. At least then you will be in a better position for treatment when you get to Korea. The doctors there will then have a rough idea of what they are dealing with! Good luck!

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