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High AST/GGT, normal bilirubin in a newborn

Hi there!

I have a question hoping you might help. I have a friend of mine whom she gave birth almost a week ago,she ran tests for her kid . in the hospital his direct bilirbubin was 0.8 ( having 0.2 as a cut-off according to them). when they ran the test upon discharged it was normal 0.2, but the AST and GGT were elevated ( 85 and 120 respectively). Keep in mind that the newborn has no signs of jaundice.

Do you have a possible explanation for this?

Cant wait to hear from you!


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Did she ran tests immediately after baby was born? Because the digestive system doesn’t work in utero as baby gets all the nutrients directly via cord/placenta so could the results be reflective of mums LFTs rather than the baby’s? In either case it’s best to contact a healthcare professional for definite advice and path forward. Best of luck!

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Hi Sandy, The hospital must have been confident to discharge mother and baby but if mother is worried and the little one shows any signs of jaundice she should go to her GP or back to the hospital. I hope everything settles and all is well with her baby.

Regards Jacquie


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