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Endoscopy experiences

Hi all,

We'd like to hear your experiences of endoscopy services in the UK, to help put together some quality standards for paediatric endoscopy centres across the country.

- If your child has had an endoscopy, can you tell us about your experience of this?

- What is the most important thing for the hospital to consider when your child is having an endoscopy?

- What do you feel could be improved about the endoscopy service?

If you would prefer your thoughts to be private, you can email or phone us on 0121 212 6029.

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Our 14yr old daughter had one last year. The whole process went well and we followed all the information provided very carefully. I'm glad it was done under GA and we were provided with lots of information before and after the procedure. The only recommendation I would make is that all children have the procedure done in the morning, 12pm latest. The hospital we attended saw patients in age order so the youngest were done first. I understand this but as our daughter was 14yrs, she didn't have her procedure done until 4.30pm. We had been in hospital since 8am and she was unable to eat or drink so started to become very poorly towards the end.


Thank you CeeJay12, that's really helpful


My son has had several endoscopies at Sheffields Children's Hospital. They were very profesional and understanding, my son was never scared of tearful. It was a very relaxing experience for both of us. Especially the availability of a television at his bedside was a big pluspoint. There was a little kitchen Ares available for parents to make a cup of tea of juist to sit quietly for a couple of minutes. I take my hat of to all the staff haning to deal with upset and scared children.

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Thanks Hidden, glad it was a good experience for you both


My son 2 and half years old,had endoscopy few months ago. In past he had one done too.

It was very stressful experience Both of the times. Recent one was very hard seeing him hungry for 24 hours. I was very shocked how long they keep little ones empty stomach.He was poorly by the time they took him for procedure.

During the procedure time I was informed how it was going. Which was very helpful.

Only downside is having to keep him off food & fluid too long. Personally I think they should stick to few hours on little ones and carry out the procedure. if any emergency procedure comes then let others eat n rebook appointment rather then keep them waiting and keeping longer empty stomach.

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Thank you Pk2014, I'm sorry to hear that it was a stressful experience and that your son went hungry for so long. It's really useful to hear your thoughts.


I'm due for another Endoscopy but I've been waiting for about 2 months now to receive any sort of appointment from St James.the last one I had was before my 2nd transplant it went well but only after I passed out from the Doctors at Bolton Royal kept trying to force a large anesthesia tube onto a small canula


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