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Newly Diagnosed


My Daughter has just been informed that following hospitalisation for pancreatitis that she has NAFLD.

This come as a shock but weirdly explains a few things.

The new diet requirements aren't going down very well particularly when I'm not around. When she's at school despite the schools backup she tends to rebel and gets very annoyed.

I've tried telling her that it's not punishment its support to help her body to function as best it can.

I know we've a hectic journey ahead of us and I've got some literature coming from the Children's liver disease foundation but I'm just wondering if there's any tips or prior warning of what's to come that could be passed on?

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Hey Soap can I put this onto our Facebook page to encourage people to come over to Health Unlocked?

- Tom


Yes that's fine , no problem at all.

Just wanting to find out what's expected from a family perspective and how they tackle the school issue.



Its on there, hopefully we will get some good responses. I hope you all have a great Christmas!


Thank you , we arrived in Scotland safely. Merry Christmas to you


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